Loving Light Books Series - 20 books by God, channeled through Liane Rich

“This set of books has been received in an order that is compatible with your unconscious beliefs…. The information has been channeled in a subtle direction in order to wake you up.”

“Is it theoretically possible to receive information from a God process, since the universal God process is inside everything?”… from The G.O.D. Experiments.

Loving Light Book 1,
God Spoke through Me to Tell You to Speak to Him

By God, through Liane Rich

Response from Readers….

“Some power your books have!! You have gone beyond the power of words.”

“I have never read material as profoundly important as these books.”

“This is really extraordinary literature. Can anything be better?”

“God’s books have been the most powerful life-changing books to me. They speak to my subconscious and seem to affect me much more profoundly than any other books I have read.”

“I must tell you that I found God’s books to be the most powerful books of this nature that I have ever read.  The information flowed very well with me… and I got a deep feeling of love from a source that has not spoken to me since I was a child. ” 

“It felt as if I were actually having a conversation with God rather than just reading printed words on a page.” ” 

Loving Light Book 2&3,
No One Will Listen to God & You are God

By God, through Liane Rich

From the Book….

“You are not meant to be in guilt or any other pain or discomfort. You are meant to be royalty. Every last one of you is royalty. Each and every one of you is God. The black man – the red man – the white man – the yellow man, and any other color or sex or combination of sexes that you discover on your planet earth are me! They are all God. Each of you is me projected to earth to show me who I am. You are all me and you fight one another and you are fighting me, and you separate one another and it is me that you separate, and you kill one another and I am being killed. Part of God is killing God and doesn’t even know it. God does not wish to die in self-destruction any more than you wish him to. Please stop!!! This is my plea to you.

You say that you love me. I am God and you are killing yourselves and each other. Please stop this insanity. I wish to live and I wish all that walk this earth to live and return home to their source.

All in God’s creation are equal in every way that is of importance to God. No man shall stand out. No man shall be left behind. No man shall ‘not’ sit with God in heaven.

‘All.’ Absolutely all, each and every one will come home to me. No matter how small or large or dark or light or sinful your eyes, they will return to my open arms and I will love and cherish and nourish their hopes back to a new bright future; and we will begin anew with balance, peace and harmony.”

Loving Light Book 4, The Sun and Beyond

By God, through Liane Rich

From the Book….

“For those who do not believe in God I wish to explain how you too are God. You are love. Believe in love and the value of love and you believe in God. Believe in thought power and you believe in God. Believe in energy and you believe in God. Believe in you and you believe in God.

You cannot ‘not’ be God. God is simply a word – a descriptive word to show who you are. Change my name and you change nothing. I am still the source; the power unit; the energy; the original thought; the original energy that began to move, and expand, and grow, and send out from the source to the outskirts of creation and back again, to recharge and send out again in a pattern of eternal reaction and combustion, to grow and expand beyond myself and on into life everlasting, and I do not require a title. If you do not believe in God you will believe in whatever you wish. You will create something to believe in, as you must. To believe in goodness or kindness is to believe in God. God is simply a name and names are easily changed.

Norman is Liane’s choice for me at times. See how this name takes away all your fears concerning who I am. If I were to write these books to you and call myself Norman, you would express a different view of all that you have read here. Now we have this odd guy by the name of Norman spouting off about love and such, and this guy is a little off beat, but we think we like him. So now you take away my holiness and I am just one of you expressing thoughts, and you see how I express, and you even begin to accept me as somewhat of a genius, and you may wish to get to know me better.

Now, give me back the name God and everyone stands back and holds back opinions on what I write, and believes that this all hinges on whether or not you accept this as the true word of God. And if you decide no, then you will run away and not listen to any of this.”

Loving Light Book 5, The Neverending Love of God

By God, through Liane Rich

From the Book….

“God is here and I am reaching out to show you that I care and tell you how I love you, and you are too afraid to believe that this is me. If God worked with and through his children two thousand years ago, why not today? What was so special about those people? They killed and raped, and incest was common among them. They even carried guilt and fear, and worshiped idols and demons, as you do on earth now. So, what’s so special that God would choose to communicate so often in biblical times and not in modern times? I will tell you. They were not so buried in their fear. I could get through to them. Chemicals and other toxins and poisons were not yet discovered, and so when I spoke they had less blocking their source to me or from me. How can they be any more in need of me than you now are?

I am writing through this girl to tell you who I am and how all works in your own words and with as much simplicity as I can. I wish you to begin to know that I am God. Now I very easily could send a savior and you would assuredly lock him up. I could easily speak through Liane and she would be carted off to an institution, so I decided to write to you. My words on paper are quite effective and you will read at your own speed, and when frightened you will put this down. When angered, you may also put this down. In the case of a spoken word, you put up your defenses and argue and want someone to prove it to you. With written material, you can argue with yourself and no one is on the other side to try to prove to you or convince you.”

Loving Light Book 6, The Survival of Love

By God, through Liane Rich

From the Book….

“You on earth are not out there or down there you are right here within me. You cannot be harmed. You created matter by thought consciousness and you created body by this same technique, and now you believe you are human and you are not. Your body is only a thought and your planet is but a reflection of this body. And within your body there is life flowing and living, and within your planet there is life flowing and ebbing.

You chose fear, as fear would allow you to use matter to its best. Meaning, without fear you cannot exist in matter. Without the density of fear you will simply float free of form and continue to just be. Being is what you are. You are the supreme being and you use fear to separate you from God. And now it is late and God wishes his children to return home. It’s past time for awakening and becoming God force once again. Wake up and know who you are.

So; why does God write these books and spend his time on these subjects? You will wake up when you are fed certain data in a constant flow. This data is to awaken and reprogram. In order to keep you in matter, you found it necessary to program certain data in order to induce fear. It was discovered that fear vibrates slowly and is dense. In order to trap beingness in form one must slow down and densify what one is. How do you slow down and densify a light being? You charge it with large doses of dense electricity or electromagnetic charge or energy. So; you have literally programmed yourselves to be fear. Charge after charge was put into you in order to ground you so to speak. You could not keep your beingness down off the ceiling. You would not ‘stay’ in matter. You could not. You floated up and out. It was not possible to contain, nor control God.”

Loving Light Book 7, We All Go Together

By God, through Liane Rich

From the Book….

“God does not punish. God is not a vengeful being and God wants only to clear up this mistaken impression of myself. If you continue to preach and teach separateness I will begin to save you from your own self. This is how much love I have for you. Jesus did not die on a cross for your sins. Jesus died simply to show you who you are and how death does not exist.

If you allow this simple teaching to control your life you are making God out to be a bigot who only will forgive under certain conditions. I am no bigot and I forgive all before they begin to sin, by allowing them free will. Why on earth would a loving unconditional God create spirits, give them free will and then punish them for using that free will?

Begin to see what is happening here. Stop pretending to believe such nonsense about God. I love you all unconditionally with no stipulations whatsoever. If you cannot deal with this simple fact then you are creating fear of God. I do not wish to be presumptuous in my findings; however I do wish fear of God to cease to exist. Be careful how you see me for I am the light of this world, I am not its executioner. If you believe in death and destruction by God’s wrath you are mistaken. This is not the true God. God is love – not hate and anger.”

Loving Light Book 8, God’s Imagination

By God, through Liane Rich

From the Book….

“You are but a flash in the existence of time, but you think you are time. You are a spark that flashes on and off. You vibrate, or oscillate back and forth between here and God. You know, yet you deny. You see, yet you are blind. You are one giant being who is projected through many tiny cells and now you believe you are only each individual cell because each individual cell sees only from its own view point. So far there are billions and billions of cells but only one being of light. So, who is the light? Is he the total being? How are you so sure you are ‘not’ God if you are so sure you are here? How do you know who and what you are and how do you come out of this coma you are in?

For now I must work with you from the standpoint of what your current beliefs are. It is only from where you are that I can lead you out of this illusion. So, where are you and how did you get to this point? You came in on a beam of light and you are that beam of light. You entered into a very dense area of space and time. Time does not really exist, but in order to teach you I must deal within the bounds of your created limitations.

Now; when you began to enter this darkness you were affected by it. You changed from light to dark. You began to take on this entire dark realm in order to enter. You decided to go into darkness to change darkness. We must now get you to change back to the light, and all darkness will lighten also. You only need to remember in order to complete your plan.

So, when you wake up enough of your own cells, you will enter the light of your own beingness, and oh, what a beautiful day that will be for all of creation. Bring you back to the light of your own beginning. Love is light. Light is achieved through peace, and peace is achieved through acceptance of all occurring. Do not waste your time planning for some big blast. This is it right now. You enter your own consciousness and change your own viewpoint. The Second Coming is just that simple and the change from dark to light is just that subtle. No big fireworks display, no big choir of angels singing and weeping, just little ol’ you becoming little ol’ God.”

Loving Light Book 9, Forever God

By God, through Liane Rich

From the Book….

“You once knew that you were God and in order to convince yourself you were not, you began to believe you had limitations. Now we are working our way back through these limitations in order to free you from them. As you release your belief in humanness and limitation, you will become aware of another identity that was once you. This is Godness. You chose to layer yourself with dense energy; because you were God and the only way to get God to forget he is God is to force him down with dead weight, or dense energy.

It’s almost as though you, as God, drugged yourself to forget you are God to experience limitation. You as God experience nothing. You simply are. As human, you experience and even become the experience by taking it on as your own. Now I am teaching you to let go of your experience as you, by letting it come to the forefront so you may release it. You might even think of yourself as simply an experience; an experiment in time and space. You were created in order to create and for no other reason. God is and does out of being. There is no big reason. No mystery, no pretense greater than the one you perpetrate on you. You see; you are the God who went unconscious in order to become experience and now you are returning from this experience in time.

It is not such a big deal really. It is only because you do not wish to acknowledge your own knowledge that you cannot or do not understand. This too is your choice – to experience not knowing when you are literally the knowledge of all. You know it and you are it – you are the universal consciousness and unconsciousness all at the same time. Quite a game you play with yourself isn’t it?”

Loving Light Book 10, See the Light

By God, through Liane Rich

From the Book….

“When you begin to lower into a world as dense as this third dimension, you cannot help but be affected by this density. You are here to assist in lightening this situation and you are here to rise above it. You are not meant to suffer and you are not meant to judge. You did not come here to become part of it so much as you came here to visit – to travel through. There are many yet unexplored areas of this and other universes, but I do not expect you to rush in and change them all.

You are here on a mission. Your soul came for a purpose and if you will just get out of the way long enough to allow spirit to take over, you will begin to know why you are here. You did not decide to come just to make a lot of money to leave to others, and you did not decide to come to win at your profession, and you did not decide to come to have a big family. These are situations that are decided upon as you go, but they are not your purpose for being here.

Believe it or not you all have the same purpose. That purpose is to bring forth light. How can you bring forth light if you have not found your light switch? Begin to discover how you work. Begin to open to your own truth. Your center is light. You must reach into you to find your center.…”

Loving Light Book 11, Your Life as God

By God, through Liane Rich

From the Book….

“The truth has come to face you and you must accept the truth and give up the lie. The lie says you are not good enough to be God. The lie says you are not God. The lie says you will become in the image and likeness of God, but it does not allow for you to be the God as well as the image. So you see; religion is not all wrong. It just got a little confused about the roles you are playing, just as you did.

This is not a good time to begin spouting off to the world that you have risen in human form and you know that you are God. Save that for the day you are all able to accept it. For now, I would like you to accept the fact that you play both roles. You are the creator and the created. You are life and you are death. You are intelligence and ignorance. You are love and you are hate. You are fear and you are acceptance.

You will soon learn to be love at all times, and this will come through acceptance and a strong will to nurture the light that has begun to fade. You see, you are so good at denying the light in you that you almost extinguished it. Your power is great indeed!

So; how did things get so out of hand that you almost totally denied your own heritage, your own true identity? Where did you get the idea to slip out of you to create more? Where does God reside in you and how do we keep that part of you alive and well? You will answer these and other questions as you read this, our eleventh book in this Loving Light series.”

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