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Loving Light Books – a series of books by God, channeled through Liane Rich

God’s books will inspire you, lift you up, transform your thinking and shift your consciousness. This is Spirituality and New Thought at it’s best… these are truly remarkable books! 

“Is it theoretically possible to receive information from a God process, since the universal God process is inside everything?”… from The G.O.D. Experiments.

If you enjoy channeled metaphysical information and need help to calm your worried mind during these stressful times, then this book is for you….

Your Return to the Light of Love: a guidebook to spiritual awakening

By God, through Liane Rich

From the Book….

“These changes that are taking place within you have to do with a big shift in energy that is affecting you.  This shift is caused by movement within the various dimensions.  This movement is causing a change in the vibration that is being felt throughout the physical world, or the world of matter.  These changes are occurring due to an influx of light vibration.  And what is light vibration?  It is you.  You, God-you, is entering matter.  More of you is coming into this dimension, which causes it to shift up and change into something else.  What is this something else?  It is the next highest dimension.

You rise up a little higher in awareness and you cause this dimension to shift up to the next.  Once you inject more of yourself (the light being that you truly are) into this dimension, you literally change the vibratory level of matter, and matter begins to crumble.

Certain aspects, and beliefs, and areas of energy, must move when the energy begins to vibrate faster.  It is like an earthquake that a shaking things up behind the scenes.  This earthquake is being caused by the movement of energy.  Energy that vibrates at a higher velocity, and speed than matter, is coming into this third dimension and causing energy disturbances.  The energy that is shifting and moving the most is the denser, stuck energy….”

For the Love of Life on Earth

By God, through Liane Rich

From the Book….

“Once you get here you go completely unconscious of the fact that you are indeed a light being and you exist forever, and you actually may exist in more than one dimension at any given time.

So, as a light being, you begin to lose your consciousness and the human part begins to take over and your dream state begins….

In the same way that you lie down or go to bed and experience vivid dreams, you actually come here in droves to experience this giant dream of mass consciousness.

You love to come for whatever reasons, and once you leave this realm you usually make up excuses as to why you must return. Some of you call it ‘karmic debt’ while others simply call it ‘the game of life.’ Regardless of what you call it, you tend to return to this playground often.”

Your Individual Divinity: Existing in Parallel Realities

By God, through Liane Rich

From the Book….

“All realities are made up of vibrating energy. You are a multi-dimensional Being existing in more than one reality at any given time. You may shift ‘up’ to a higher version of you by focusing on a higher vibration.

To use another analogy – say you have a game. Each level reached within the game carries a reward. It’s not that you deserve or don’t deserve the reward. The reward or gift is always there on that particular level and you have simply accessed that level.

When you raise yourself to the level where the highest vibration realities exist you are going into a parallel reality; a reality that is already alive! The goal is to enter it and stay in it.”

For the Love of Money: Creating Your Personal Reality

By God, through Liane Rich

From the Book….

“You will begin to see money as a gift and a pleasure in the same way that you see a flower or a tree as a gift and a pleasure. I want you to shift your perspective about money and begin to nurture it as you would nurture a plant or a collection of fine paintings, or a special gift or talent.

Nurture and love money! Love is unconditional acceptance and I wish you to come to a place of unconditional acceptance with money. No longer will you disrespect it, disregard it or misplace it. You will begin to trade it wisely simply because it is valuable to you.”

The Book of Love

By God, through Liane Rich

The Book of Love contains remarkable and extraordinary insights from a voice claiming to be God – the Creative Force that lives within all humans…. Insights on how your thoughts and beliefs have an effect on your life and on the field of potentiality!

From the Book….

“Part of what we will do in this book is to integrate you – all of you – your body, your mind and spirit. Then you will be ready to receive the gifts you so incredibly deserve.… I want to lead you to a place where you love you once again and you accept yourself as good and lovable and beautiful and magical and godlike.”

From a Review….

“This book does not just contain words on a page; it is alive, and it speaks to the reader with a personal and intimately familiar voice, a voice that lives in the reader. I am a 45 year meditator, and I have read some beautiful works from some talented channels, but what follows in this book is a clear path to the Grand Awakening.”

This “Introduction to God” is being made available (in this separate publication) for those who are new to God’s books and wondering if this information is for them. The Kindle eBook is priced at $0.99

For the Love of God: An Introduction to God

By God, through Liane Rich

This little book is packed with new insights into what just may be the true nature of God…

We all have choices in this life and we may choose to see God in any way we wish. Many of us stick with what we were taught in childhood and this can lead to a belief that God is authoritarian and punitive.

What if God is completely different from what we have been taught and what if God would like to set the record straight so that we might see him/her/it in a whole new way? What if God were loving and compassionate and all encompassing forgiveness, with no tendencies towards anger or judgment? Would you want to know?

For the Love of God: An Introduction to God originally appeared as the Introduction to The Book of Love and is now being made available in this separate publication. It is an in-depth introduction to the voice of God that speaks to Liane and channels books through her. This voice originally introduced itself to Liane as God and she allows it to continue to share information under that name. 

From the Book….

“Okay, here we go. First off, I am God and I do not hate anyone for anything they have done. Second, I do not believe it is necessary to punish in any way whatsoever. Punishment is man’s creation and has nothing to do with God. Third, I do not wish to go down in history as an ogre. I do not condemn anyone to hellfire for eternity and I will never take part in such actions. If you wish to teach that God is a punishing ruler, I wish you to stipulate that it is your belief that such a God exists, but that your belief has no relationship to the truth.”

“This entire Series is designed to draw you ‘within’ to your own God-self! Godhood is achieved by each individual in his or her own time. This is not a race; it is simply a course in rising up….”