This page contains Channelings by God through Liane

When "Light" energy enters this Dimension

Here is a lesson in energy: Light is energy that vibrates at a very high velocity. Darkness is an energy that vibrates much slower.

Now – if you send “Light” energy into a very dark space, it will lighten the space or situation. This is done by the Light energy breaking up the density of the darker, denser energy in much the same way that sunlight will break apart and dissipate the clouds in the sky.

So, if you look at how energy works, you will see that it has the “ability” to rise and fall. This dynamic is always at work in this third dimensional reality.

Now you have this Light energy and it is vibrating quite fast, and it literally “enters” the denser, darker, slower energy that is not vibrating at a high speed. Some denser energy is actually stuck and not moving. So, along comes the Light with all its vibrancy and movement and it literally uproots the darkness as it enters it, and the Light begins to “move” this darkness in an upward direction.

Why does the Light move the darkness in an upward direction? Simply because it is vibrating so rapidly and Light will always “rise” and lift you “up.”

Now – in this scenario we are defining Light as love & acceptance and we are defining darkness as hate & rejection. Love accepts and hate rejects. What happens when love & acceptance enter the denser energy of hate & non-acceptance or rejection? You get a “rising up” of these denser energies. Everything – absolutely everything is cause and effect.

For the last several years the “Light” of acceptance has been entering this dimension. This has caused all the energy of “non-acceptance” to rise to the surface. This is not a bad thing!

If you have ever had an infection beneath your skin, you know that it is best to bring it to the surface in order to treat it in a healthy manner.

This is what is occurring at this time and it is a global event. “Non-acceptance” which is denser than acceptance has come to the surface. When you as a nation and a global community begin to “accept” diversity and allow other cultures and sexual orientations to have a voice, you are saying, “We are all one! We are equal! You may marry whomever you want and love whomever you want and worship however you wish!” This is the vibration of the energy of Love/Light/Acceptance at work.

Enough of you have raised your consciousness to this level and some of your laws have changed accordingly to allow same-sex marriage and equal rights to those who may not have previously experienced them.

You may not like it and you may not agree with it, however, this is the higher vibrating energy that has caused this “shift” whereby denser, darker energy has been nudged out of its hiding place in order to “rise up,” in order to come to the surface of your consciousness and be “healed!”

This is simply energy that has found its way to the surface and it has been caused by this dimension taking on “Light.” Do not fear or worry that you are moving backward in the healing of Life on Earth. You are not sick, you are becoming healthy!

You are Part of God

You are a Spiritual Being and you are within the human experience! You are living and loving and judging everything that occurs from your human perspective.

This is due to the fact that you cannot become Spirit until you begin to “desire” to be Spirit. Most of you purposely came to earth in an effort to experience the duality and complexities and even the energies of this three-dimensional plane. You are not aware of the fact that you are Spirit.

Now all of that is about to change! You are being pulled ever so gently into the Spirit that is you. You feel this as confusion and sometimes anger. Mostly you feel this pull into Spirit as “fear.” You are changing and your life is changing and you do not understand why you cannot be “in control” at this juncture.

Here is the reason: You are part of God or this great cosmic force that created “All that Is.” Now, it is the time for “All that Is” to return to its original form which is Light or Spirit. You are becoming “Light!” You are becoming God! You are becoming “All that Is” and you cannot become Spirit / Light / “All that Is” if you continue to hold onto your old ways of control.

This is not a game to see who can dig deeper into the world of matter. This IS a time to let go of your fear based control and float free of the ties that bind you. How can you rise up if you are tied down? How can you be love if you live in fear? And how can you be “Light” if you hide your shame in the dark corners of your psyche?

You are becoming all that you once were and this is why you are experiencing such great confusion at this time. Allow yourself to be drawn into the Light and you will become Spirit based once again. Do not be afraid to change and let go of the old ways in order to become a whole new you.

This new you is to be the Light of this world. This new you is love-filled and joyful for no reason other than the fact that it “is.”

God is Entering Matter

As you continue along your journey on earth, you will begin to see how you are being held in place. You are actually receiving help from a source greater than yourself. This source is God. This source is the part of you that you have disconnected from.

If you can just reconnect to this part of you that is the source of light, you will continue to grow in love and in light! This source that has held you in place within this material world of matter is generally thought of as a field of energy. This field of energy is what you are.

You are not matter as you believe. You are light energy and you are performing in a manner that is quite unique. You actually vibrate or oscillate between matter and energy. You are here and then you are gone. It is like a star that appears to flicker on and off. If you could see yourself from space you would see how you flicker or oscillate back and forth between the world of matter and the source of “all” which is called God.

You are God then you are human or matter. One millisecond you are God, the next you are matter. You flash back and forth between these two energies and at this time the oscillation is being speeded up. At some point you will blur the edges of time and space and you will become a blending of God and matter.

God and matter are blending at this time. God is entering matter and you are the matter that is being entered….

Reconnect with Your Spirit

You are now at a stage in your evolution that is considered drastic! Some of you are making drastic moves in an effort to hold on to the old ways. This will not work. Let go of the old and embrace the new. Life is moving in a whole new direction and this new direction will eventually lead to a bright new future.

Are you aware of the saying that “it is darkest before the dawn?” Well, this is exactly where we are. This is the dawning of a new age and it is the darkness that is leaving.

You are waking up and you are discovering that life is not all that you once thought it was. Life is much, much more and you are just now entering this “New Age” that you have heard so much about.

In order to enter this New Age we must leave the old behind. You fear leaving anything because you do not like “change.”

Please make change your friend! You are moving and growing into a Spiritual Being and this requires a little trust and a lot of faith that all is going well. All “is” going very well and it only “appears” that life is falling apart. You are safe! You are part of God! You are a Spiritual Being and this Spirit part of you is taking over and will show you a new way in which to live.

Surrender to Spirit! Allow Spirit to take over and to create for you. Reconnect with your Spirit. This entire process has been outlined for you in my series of books titled “Loving Light Books.” Do not be afraid. This is the Spiritual Revolution and it is the “best” of times! 

Love your Body for it Houses your Spirit!

Your body has served you for years and years. Have you thanked your body? Have you nurtured your body? Have you looked in your mirror and said, “I love you exactly as you are. I love you unconditionally.”

You are all beginning to judge your bodies’ right out of existence. You hold your bodies up to ridicule and judgment and then you wonder why they fall apart and no longer serve you. Would you do your best to serve a master who judges and ridicules and often hates you? No, I don’t believe you would.

My wish today is to see you all love you just as I love you – without judgment and with total acceptance. Love your body for it houses your Spirit! It is the home of God….

Spirit is Beginning to Move and Expand "in" you

As you continue to grow and to evolve, you will begin to feel the stretching that is taking place. You are being stretched and you are expanding.

As this stretching and expanding unfolds, you will begin to wish for release. Some of you feel so tightly wound right now that you do not wish to continue with this spiritual expansion.

To expand is to stretch and grow beyond your current existence. You are becoming “more” and this more that you are becoming is stretching you to your limits.

This is the expansion of matter as it takes on Spirit. Spirit is limitless and Spirit is beginning to take on or move into matter. You are being taken over by your Spirit. You have walked this earth and lived as humans since the beginning. Now you are going to walk this earth as Spiritual Beings and you will know that you are part of God.

How many of you “believe” that you came from the God force? How many of you communicate with the part of you who lives “in” you and is God/Spirit/Soul? How many of you realize that you are truly a Spirit Being and how many of you communicate with that Spirit Being which resides in you?

This is the time! This is the time to know who you are and to reconnect with the God force. You may call it a “Field” or the “Universe” or the “Source” but it is all the same. You came from this vast sea of energy that we will call God, and you are part of God.

Know God by knowing “you.” Begin to communicate with your own Soul/Spirit in order to reconnect with God. This is the time! This is the Spiritual Revolution and Spirit is beginning to move and expand “in” you in an effort to get your attention.

Do you feel moved by Spirit? Do you feel the presence of something greater than yourself? Do you feel the changes? They are within you as well as outside of you.

You are changing and growing at this time in your evolution and it is because Spirit is now entering matter and will eventually take over so that matter might become God/Spirit/Light once again.

Welcome to the “Age of Aquarius,” the “New Age,” the time you have long waited for. It is here and ascension or the rising up out of darkness has begun….

Look for the Good in Absolutely Everything

As you travel along your path, be sure to look for the good in absolutely everything. I know it’s easy for you to find the bad and the awful and the disgusting, but I would like you to begin to see only the good.

If you are stuck in traffic look for the good – it would give you extra time to talk with your spirit and enjoy the company of your “self.” If you begin to get tired after hard work, enjoy the fact that your tiredness allows you to “stop and rest.” You are such a “motivated” society that is often difficult to get you to stop and rest.

If you are being yelled at by your boss or your lover, look for the good in this situation. Your boss is getting something off his chest and you are learning tolerance – not tolerance of anger and receiving anger, but tolerance of the pain-body that everyone carries at this time. You need not stand and “receive” this negative energy but you may wish to see how it is being used to manipulate you and control you.

This is insight! You are now growing in insight by not getting angry back and by seeing this yelling as “pain and discomfort” coming from the one doing the yelling. You have now risen above a situation by not “responding” and “reacting” to the anger that is coming in your direction.

This is a gift! When you can learn to not “react” you are disconnecting from the game of manipulation and control. Fearful people have a great need to control others in order to feel safe. Much pain is caused on earth at this time due to a huge amount of pain energy that circles this planet.

Let go of pain! Do not fight everyone and every change. Allow yourself to fall into the flow by not getting so involved with the dramas that are being created. Allow yourself to see and know that every situation offers an opportunity for you to grow beyond pain and hurt feelings.

Choose to see it all differently and you will be choosing love instead of fear. You will be choosing life instead of drama and hurt and frustration.

Live your life as a Spiritual Being. You are not so much ego as you believe. It is time to rise above the hurt feelings of the past and begin to heal and know that life is good and full of bliss. Life is not bad and full of pain. Life is good. You are good and they are you! Look for the good in you….

The Butterfly Story

You will soon begin to enter a phase in your evolution that will assist you in your times of need. This phase will be trust. Trust will allow you to move more freely and trust will allow you the insight you require in any given situation. All situations are presented with wisdom. You do not necessarily know who or what you are evolving into but you will eventually see. It is like a butterfly who is being born. The caterpillar may be very upset about the loss of all those legs but a butterfly simply does not require them.

You will find that changes will occur within your reality that you do not understand and when they do I want you to remember that you are becoming a butterfly. Nothing will be the same and your old rules will have to be left behind in your old world. You can fly now and it is no longer necessary to carry all the old rules that kept the caterpillar alive and well. The new rules apply to wings and brilliant shades of colors that are flitting from this flower to that plant. Your old body would not flit, it could only crawl and it certainly required a lot of feet on the ground.

Now you do not require all those feet on the ground. You do not require all those legs and you will never again return to caterpillar status. Once transformed you are forever transformed. Once you have flown, you will never wish to be grounded again. It may take a little getting used to in the beginning, but you will enjoy not having all those feet and all those legs. Let go and fly with enthusiasm into your new self. Know that you are being guided and there is no wrong way. Know that every part of you is evolving and you are afraid because you are losing parts. It is okay to lose parts and to become new. It is okay to be you. It is okay to fly and to lose all those legs. You don’t need them.

Trust will get you into the air and trust will assist you in letting go of unnecessary beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and ideas. Let trust guide you and you will be in “love.” Trust and love are part of one another and they do not exist alone. You each have trust and you each have love. Love is all and trust is part of love. You will find that the most efficient way to transform is to “love” and “trust” your own self. You are being guided and you are not alone.

You have a great deal of work to do so I suggest you begin by allowing everything to “be.” It is not necessary to judge what you create as undesirable. Just when you start complaining about what you are losing (your legs) you will begin to see what you are gaining (your brilliant new wings).