Loving Light Books - a series of books by God

“This entire series guides the reader ‘within’ to his or her own Source and then leads us gently into a new way of seeing the changes taking place in our world and within ourselves. Experience your own light by following the simple guidance offered here….”

“Just a few pages into the first book, my interest was claimed and I read nonstop through all three books…  The books present a clear plan for getting in touch with God so that you too, can enjoy a close relationship with him (both masculine and feminine aspects are discussed in the books).  God is for real, and he doesn’t mince words about difficult topics.”  
      Arizona Networking News – a review, Scottsdale, Arizona


“I have been on this self-discovery journey for 25 years and this information – communication is, of course, the most simplest and inspiring that I have ever come across.

Thank God he is directly communicating and intervening so to speak.  God knows we need it.  Please let me know soon how to get more books.”
      Kaia – Bow, Washington


“I am still reading the God books.  I must have read each one five times or more. I always pick up something or some thought that I missed or forgot in other readings.  I really love and enjoy these books. “
      Jack – Scottsdale, Arizona


“God’s books have been the most powerful life-changing books to me.  They speak to my subconscious and seem to affect me much more profoundly than any other books I have read.  Since I started reading God’s books, I have less fear in general and am at peace with myself…

I really appreciate you for producing God’s books.  If I am allowed to take only one book to an island to live, it will be God’s books.  The God’s books are the only books that I can repeatedly read and yet learn something new every time I read. Thank you for your wonderful work.”
      Yoko – Mukilteo, Washington


“I have completed the first three books that you channeled for God and I can’t begin to tell you how moved I was by them.  Well, I did have some really good chuckles, but I also was moved to tears many, many times.

It felt as if I were actually having a conversation with God rather than just reading printed words on a page.  When I would have a question it was usually answered within a few sentences or paragraphs at the most.  Most books I read leave me with more questions unanswered than answered – yours did not.”
      Thomas  – Panorama City, California


“Thank you so much for the really wonderful books!  This is really extraordinary literature.  Can anything be better?  Therefore I am grateful that you sent me these books, and would appreciate very much if you could inform me of any important new books that will be published…”
      Darko – Croatia, Europe


“Some power your books have!!  You have gone beyond the power of words.”
      Jack  – San Diego, California


“Such wonderful books – unbelievable that I was able to acquire them, keep up the great work! “Seek and ye shall find.”  I am a firm believer in that and am very happy and pleased to have been able to read your manuscripts.  Please continue this wonderful work of God.”
      Tom – Chestertown, Maryland


“I have never read material as profoundly important as these books.  They contain a very beautiful sophistication with all the issues I value in my profession, i.e., the meaning of pain and fear, the formation of physical and mental symptoms, the healing of the mind, body, emotions and spirit, and the very meaning of life.  I, along with friends, colleagues, and family members of mine, have benefited immeasurably by them. “
      John – University of California, Davis


“The books have changed my life – wonderful and at times a little scary – coming from a fundamental Christian background.  I’ve had to put a lot of old beliefs behind me.

The books make so much sense….  Being a thinking searching person, I’ve always had a hard time with hell and damnation.”
      Dixie – Rockport, Washington


“In your books, the voice of God seems to reach out and grab me. It is an intimate and personal voice that comes to life and speaks directly to the reader. These are such important books, they are like a divine candy and I can’t wait to get the next treat…”
      John – Sacramento, CA


“I just keep picking up those books!  Having God in my life is like no other feeling. Thank you! You have an incredible gift to give!  You give to me every morning and every night through your books.  And I’ve been reading these books for about nine months now!  Even my sister is reading them now.  

Sometimes I put God’s books down for awhile but I always feel the need to pick them up again.  And if one day I never pick them up again, I will always have the love and awareness the reading gave me.  I’d like to think that God will continue to provide just what I need to grow spiritually.  And your path has helped tremendously!!! Your work has and will continue to make a difference for me and others.”
      CJ – Kaaawa, Hawaii


“I’ve read your book.  It is wonderful, happy, funny, powerful, profound and so much more!  It has much to say that can help a lot of people.  It will open many hearts to God.”
      David – Honolulu, Hawaii


“Your books are wonderful.  They are such a comfort to me.  Thank you so much! Thank you God!  Thank you!”
      Marjorie – Tucson, Arizona


“Thank you so much for sending me Book 1… it’s giving me lightning bolts of joy reading it.  What a special time this is, and I’m so grateful to be part of it.  You certainly are in your rightful place by being such great service to the planet.  What a blessing you are!

I pray that I will do my part, and that we can get this show on the road real soon!!!”
      Connie – Kailua, Hawaii


“I must tell you that I found God’s books to be the most powerful books of this nature that I have ever read.  The information flowed very well with me… and I got a deep feeling of love from a source that has not spoken to me since I was a child.  The happiness and amazement is quite unique and I cherish them.  I found them to be remarkable, and enjoyable and very powerful.  God through you gave me information and love that I sure need right now in my “life…”
      John – Redondo Beach, California


“The things that I am learning through your books are magic and are changing the way I view life. The answers to questions that I have asked all my life are exposed. I guess I have always been searching. Thanks for the magic.”
      Frances – Trenton, Florida


“The feelings I experienced while reading, and after the books was, and has been incredible.  I’ve read a lot of great books, and many brilliantly channeled books, but these really made an important impact on my life. I look so forward to God’s fourth book, and of course the others to come. I can’t wait!!!”
      Randy – Los Angeles, CA


“I want to deeply thank you for channeling these books; they are such gifts of love to us from us, and without you being where you are at this point in our evolution it may have taken a lot longer to get this information.  I get so excited reading about everything and with great fascination I wait to read more…  “
      Rosie – Honolulu, Hawaii


“Thank you for allowing God to speak through you and so clearly.  I read your first book and it has connected deeply and beautifully.”
      Jack – Medford, Oregon


“I thank you for your work and what it has brought me and for the way it sustained me in my deepest grief.  You helped save my life in the physical and re-opened my sight of my life in the spiritual.  You kept me here when I wanted to go home.

The work you are doing is important and will come to the attention of many people.  I know it has been devastatingly lonely to be a scribe for God, but without that you would have probably not gotten to the point where you were receptive to that divine work.  And there may be no more satisfaction ahead than simply finding who we are and what we are here for.”
      Jack – San Diego, California


“Dear, dear Liane I want to tell you how great the books are.  I love them and you and God.  I feel that I already know you and your beautiful soul.  You are doing such wonderful work for God and people.  I love the first three books!  I am also on God’s side, keep up the great work.”
      Grace – Tucson, Arizona


“I received your book as a gift – it touches my soul and rings true in my heart.”  
      Vicki – Haleiwa, Hawaii


“These books have changed my life and I am grateful for the work you are doing.”
      Jeffrey – Los Angeles, CA


“I am forever thankful of how you have enriched my life with your books. I am very interested in anything you have to write or say in the future, in whatever form it takes.  I have benefited so much by the philosophy and the practice in
your books…”  
      John – Sacramento, California


“I want to thank you for having the courage to channel the truth no matter what. This information has put me back on the path I had fallen off of seven years ago. Thank you for reminding me that the only way to approach life is with love.  These are very valuable book’s…  I’m sure your books will sell like hot cakes once you get them out there.  The public needs them badly.”
      Pamela – Los Angeles, California


“Thanks for the enlightened messages that reached me through your channeled words and hand. Know that you are a conduit of light and healing, surrounded, blessed and prayed for by those you have never even heard of or met.”
      Alexandra – Beverly Hills, California


“I have just finished reading your first channeled book and I am already feeling fear slip out of my body.  Thank you for listening to God and letting him channel through you.  It is such a joy to feel God again – perhaps we can truly all be ourselves and help this beautiful earth to be healthy and whole again!  I need to have that kind of faith.  The darkness is receding already and I only finished reading your first book this morning.  Thank you!”
      Kym T. – Sausalito, California


“I have just finished reading the God series.  Wonderful gift!  Thank you.  Just great reading and now I will reread.  If there are other books available I would love to order!”
      Mary-Jo – Ontario, Canada


“I have read “God Spoke through Me to Tell You to Speak to Him” and its top stuff!!  I thought it was brilliant!…”                
      Howard – United Kingdom


“Your books are a strong light in a world of much darkness and density…  Your books give the reader profound peace, true nourishment for the soul.  Wherever that wisdom comes from is the place I wish to know more intimately.

Know that your mission is precious, and unique, and ground breaking.  Know that if you never wrote another word, you will have brought many, many people to a more healthy, joyful, and meaningful life.  And know, most of all, that although you may never meet them (at least not right away) there are many of us out here who love you very much for what you have given us….  To me you are a precious being of light….”


“Since I read your books, my life has improved considerably. I love the books and am anxiously waiting for more info from God.”
      Patrick – San Diego, California


“I am enjoying God’s books and just wanted you to know one of my sons and also a good friend both said that this is the first time they’ve ever read something “that really says the way they feel!”
      Luella – Napa, Califronia


“I thank you, as well as thanking God for this brilliant source of knowledge and truth.  Your willingness and your honesty, and of course your process is so greatly appreciated by me, and I’m sure by many.  This goes so far beyond human gratifications.  

I just want you to know that what you and God are doing by giving us this gift of life and love is transforming the lives of us who are making a difference in the world.  The fact is we all make a big difference.  The gift, however, is speeding up the process for us who are so willing to receive this work.”
      Randy – Venice, California


“Just a quick note to tell you – we are looking forward to reading your three books and the new ones when they are released.  The quick glances were eye openers!”
      Jean – Spokane, Washington


“The books that you have written are fantastic – keep up the good work.”
      Rex – Norfolk Island, South Pacific


“I am deeply grateful for your books.  The books are magnificent!  They are one of the brightest stars of today!  In the middle of destructive forces, Gods books are the brightest light that could come to us.  We are working on the realization of God’s presence in us.  Therefore we are eternally grateful to you and to God himself for those books.

Please, can I have your permission to translate a few pages from the beginning of your first book where there is a global description of what is going on with humanity and planet Earth?  It would help a lot of these deeply wounded people, who lost hope and faith in human values, who carry a heavy burden of darkness in their minds.  The words given through you would return to them hope, love and light.  And I express gratefulness on behalf of them.”
      Darko – Croatia, Europe


“Thank you for your wonderful work.  My gratitude to God and you for such wonderful books…”
      Ana Maria – San Diego, CA


“I have been reading God’s books.  Your God’s books are the best books I’ve ever read.  Please keep up the wonderful work… “


“I am interested in future books please let me know of them so I may purchase them.  Thank you ever so much.  I’m enjoying them and my life is changing. These books are what I needed.”
      Karen – Olympia, Washington


“My friends have been sharing their God books with me.  The information in these books is very exciting and affirmative to me.  I must have my own set…. I believe your work is very important and I’m sure that the money will come so you can continue.  Thank you so much.”
      Christie – Sedro Woolley, Washington


“I am halfway through book 11, a really marvelous work, and I am afraid of finishing before I have the next book to start.  So please send 12 and 13 to me.

These books are marvelous and getting more comfortable to read.  Keep going. I am enjoying them more and more and thank you for the good work – You are doing a fantastic job.”


“I just finished your sixth book.  I cannot describe to you what a rich experience digesting each sentence is, the books give me so much pleasure.  Thank you for your tireless efforts in now launching into your seventh book.  I’m afraid you have these clinging dependent readers like me out here who always can’t wait for the next one.  But I find great, great satisfaction in going back to the first ones and starting over.  I get a lot more each time.”


“I am reading book 8 and my husband is reading book 6.  My daughter is in book 3.  Dick, another friend is reading book 3.  You see, “yours, ours, God’s” books are very popular!  Thanks for all your love for us and for God, and for all your discipline with your body for allowing the channeling!”
      Odilia – San Diego, California


“I am now reading “The Sun and Beyond.” and I know that I feel a sense of peace inside that I never had before. For the first time I am open to possibilities and that is enough of a change to seem amazing to me and those I love.
      Keri – Mukilteo, Washington


“I received and read “The Sun and Beyond.”  I like it a lot!  Thank you for doing God’s work we all need it.  Now I would like to receive “The Neverending Love of God.”  I want to tell you that I love you and that you are a loved person doing all of us a great favor!  Say “hi” to the big Guy.”
      Ana – San Diego, California


“I’m excited to read your last God book.  Book 20!!  This series of God books have really made a positive impact on my life.  I want to thank you for all your efforts in making these books possible and available to me.  I am rereading book 11 “Your Life as God.”
      Jack – Scottsdale, Arizona


“Enjoyed book 4 immensely.  Please send book 5 “The Neverending Love of God.” These writings are fantastic!”
      Tom – Naples, Florida


“I very much look forward to reading a copy of the manuscript of “The Sun and Beyond.”  I have enclosed a donation to help you make this information available to as many people as possible as soon as possible.  I look forward, as you probably do also, to the day when human beings will live on this earth together in peace and communion with God.”
      Robin – Poway, California


“I have not found anything written more powerfully than your books, on the process and method of releasing fear and letting light in.  I have savored every page of “See the Light.”  It is, as with all your others, a very beautiful poem of truth and humor.  Its language rings with such familiarity in my heart that I feel as if it is written by a very, very close relative who knows my needs and who speaks directly to me.”
      John – Sacramento, CA

Email: LovingLightBooks@yahoo.com