This is my Aura Picture taken in November 1989. I had just finished channeling Book 5. The photographer said it looked like I had a giant ball of information sitting right on top of my head. I had not told him that I channel, or anything about me.

About Liane

I first heard the voice of God in 1988. I was sitting in my back yard reading a book when this big booming voice interrupted with, “I am God and I will not come to you by any other name.” I felt like the voice was everywhere – inside of me as well as in the sky around me. I was so frightened that I ran in my bedroom to hide.

This was not the first time that I heard voices. I had been communicating with my own spirit guide or soul for about a year. I guess my depth of fear regarding God, and all that he represented to me at the time, was just too much.

I spent two days trying to avoid the voice of God, which was patiently waiting for me to respond. By the second day I was exhausted from lack of sleep and decided to give in and talk with him. This turned out to be the greatest gift and best decision of my life.

In the beginning the voice of God would wake me in the middle of the night and tell me it was time to write. He said I had promised to do this work (I assumed he/she/it* was talking about the soul/spirit me). I would drag myself up to a sitting position and watch in amazement as my hand flew across the page, while I tried to keep up by reading what was being written.

It was always so much fun to wake up the next morning and grab my notebook to see what God had written during the night. After some time the voice stopped waking me and I became comfortable picking up my pen and writing for God first thing in the morning. I think in the beginning I had to be awakened while still semi-conscious from sleep so I wouldn’t object too much to the information that was being channeled through me.

As I grew less and less afraid (and more trusting) of God, he/she/it was able to communicate greater information. Some of the information is quit controversial, but I felt it important to just let it be and not censor it. I present the writings to you as they were given to me.

For privacy reasons I am using a pen name. I asked God for a good pen name and he guided me to Liane, which (I was told) in Hebrew means “God has answered.”

At one point I became a little concerned about my sanity in all this, so I went to a hypnotherapist to find out what I was doing. Under hypnosis I saw this incredibly huge beam of light with a voice coming from within it. It was a giant “loving light” and felt so comforting and kind. It felt like that’s where I came from. After that I stopped worrying about my sanity.  If this is crazy, I think it’s a very good kind of crazy to be….

In loving light, Liane

*The voice has always sounded masculine to me, since childhood I had been taught that God was masculine so I’m sure that’s why I heard what I could accept at the time. However, God assures me that he/she/it is absolutely everything that you can and cannot imagine. 

This is a photo taken of me in 1988 by a friend. We were at Kaimana Beach sitting on the grass. We have no idea what caused the light to shine like that. I channeled the first 3 books that year.

The Background Story

In 1987, while reading a small pamphlet, I read these words: “Each soul who comes to earth has a purpose for being here – a blueprint so to speak.”  That statement fascinated me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I began to pray to God every night: “Please put me on my soul’s path. I want to do what my soul came here to do.” Sometimes I wanted it so badly that I would cry as I prayed. The funny thing is that I didn’t know why I was crying or why I wanted it so badly – I just felt like something deep IN me had something it wanted to do!  While praying to God, I even volunteered to give up my job, my car and my home and go anywhere I was needed. Somehow I thought that to do your soul’s work one must move to Africa and work with the poor.  

Within a few months I was channeling and receiving information from my soul, and within a year I began channeling the first book for God.

I had no idea when I first asked to be “put on my soul’s path” that I would write God’s books and I didn’t know at the time that the path my soul had chosen could be so incredibly helpful to me personally.  I now believe that my soul came to earth this lifetime with the intent of helping God write these books. Of course in the writing of this material my entire idea of what God is has changed considerably. God’s books are the greatest gifts that have come into my life. They have changed my life in so many ways and made it so much better and lighter and healthier and happier! The gift has been all mine and now I’m ready to share this gift.