An Amazon review by John Farrell, Ph.D

I have spent most of my life, from teenage years to Social Security age hunting down the meaning of life. I have
traveled to exotic places, sat at the feet of many gurus, adopted many practices, and meditated many ways. I have no
regrets because my search has exposed me to a few miracles, not the least of which are some beautiful voices of God,
sung to all who will listen by channels possessing great clarity and poetry.

The intense beauty of Helen Schucman's "Course in Miracles" and the poetic flow of Pat Rodegast's "Emmanuel"
books are examples of the power of a clear voice. And so are the books in Liane Rich's "Loving Light" series. These
books are my constant companions and my most cherished possessions. They are the voice of God, not from some
outside source, not preaching a dense philosophy, but singing a song so familiar that readers will know that the
miracle of God is inside them.

Each of Liane's books is a stepping-stone to greater awareness, a rung up the ladder to beauty, light, and love. And
her most recent book, "Your Individual Divinity: Existing in Parallel Realities", showers the reader with love, wisdom,
and hope and extends to the reader a choice and a path to a better reality, a world without suffering, a heaven on
Earth. This book will convince you that there is a world of possibilities to live, a "mansion with many rooms" to explore,
options far beyond what you have imagined, and life more beautiful than you have experienced. You will come to know
how limitless your soul is and how far it can travel.

This loving, witty, practical, instructive voice of God, channeled through Liane, will tell you of the many choices you can
make and the many lives you can live. And this voice, which you will come to know as your own, will never judge you for
any of the choices you make. This voice will ask you in the most gentle way if you are ready to choose greater
happiness, more love, brighter light, and expanded consciousness in your life. And if so, you will be shown the way.

I have come to believe, in my search for meaning, that there is not one voice to listen to, no one path to follow. We are
given many choices and myriad possibilities. In Liane's books I find that God's words roll in like waves of joy. I am
moved by them and I am changed by them.

John Farrell, Ph.D
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Your Individual Divinity
Existing in Parallel Realities
by God, through Liane Rich