Simple Title, Profound Message.
An amazon review by John Farrell, Ph.D

I have read all of Liane Rich's enchanting, magical, and profoundly wise books, because I have found the voice of
God she channels to be of great comfort to me. Her newest book, "The Book of Love," is a triumph of clarity,
simplicity, and truth. In fact, this book is the flat out truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth of who God is,
who God is not, and who we are in relationship to Him.

This book does not just contain words on a page; it is alive, and it speaks to the reader with a personal and
intimately familiar voice, a voice that lives in the reader. I am a 45 year meditator, and I have read some beautiful
works from some talented channels, but what follows in this book is a clear path to the "Grand Awakening." In this
book, God will stop you from running away from your Self, He, or She, will gently turn you around, and He will calmly
walk you back to your Self. He places you on a cool forest path, and He leads you home.

You will stop blaming others, you will stop repeating the same mistakes, and you will take steps to create your own
world, because God has engineered this book to repeat the truth and restate the truth until it penetrates the
obstacles to the soul. God replays the truth like a fine mantra giving you the cords you need to hear, in the order
you need to hear them.

In this book God offers alternatives: light over darkness, pleasure over pain, joy over sadness, love over fear. He
gives us a choice and offers a way. He gives the gift of a perfect partnership because He is us and we are Him.

The Book of Love
An amazon review by Rosie Wick

There's an unassailable wisdom to this book, despite questions that may arise as to the authorship, and the
mechanics of how life really works. How can love, acceptance and non judgment be offensive?

The content of how something "feels" determines the value I give it. Does it inspire or discourage, energize or
deplete? The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and what I know about these books (not just this one, but all of
them) is that they consistently deliver because I feel better and different after reading them.

Part of the power and impact of the content is through it's redundancy, which increases the ability to absorb the
material, not just intellectually understand it. And yet, It doesn't read in a way that causes me to think, `I've heard
this before,' instead, it chips away, like a river eroding rock, decreasing the density and transforming me ( I need to
hear things many times, it seems) to feel love without all the filters and false programming. The most profound
message is that love (God) isn't a source outside of me, but right here patiently waiting, always and forever.

I am very grateful to the channel for her commitment to bringing the material to us. Thank you, Liane Rich!

A Brilliant Book of Love!
An amazon review by Janet Ferraro

This Book Of Love is a beautiful pathway into knowing and trusting oneself. Reading it illuminates my path into spirit,
creativity and truly knowing myself as God, lovable, brilliant and cherished. I have read the entire series of God's
books and treasure each and every one of them! Thank you Liane!
The Book of Love
by God, through Liane Rich
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