Beautiful Voice of God
An Amazon review by John Farrell, Ph.D

This book is about money. A closer look and you see the book is about wealth. And what is wealth without health or
health without happiness. And what is anything without love. So this book is about money, and wealth, and health,
and happiness, and love, and all the life energy that feeds them.

This book goes beyond a prescription for how to scavenge the small treasures gathered around the kingdom. It is a
precise and infalable formula for capturing the whole kingdom.

Like all of Liane's books, this book will help you find You. It will help you let go of the past, ignore the future, and
have trust in the present. It will prove to you that you are Love, you are God, and you are the energy of the
universe. To truly believe that is to place yourself in the direct line to inherit the wealth that has always belonged to

You may have heard from other sources how magnificent you are, a child of God, a spiritual being. But hearing is
not always believing. Do you want to listen to a voice that will convince you that you hold creation in the palm of your
hand, that the time is right to give up shame, guilt, and judgement, and that self-love is all powerful. Then read "For
the Love of Money." God will slowly, progressively work His/Her words, His Soul, into your very being and you will not
be the same. You will be on the path to Home.

I am a psychologist by profession. This voice of God is the greatest psychologist. I understand Him completely when
He says that people do not want to change. So in this calming, movingly familiar voice, beautifully whispered onto
the pages of Liane's book, is God, who repeats, restates, accepts, allows, allies, and ultimately convinces you that
you are energy, spirit, and God on Earth. After reading this book you no longer need fear not having enough or
being enough. You will begin to believe that you are All there is.

Personal Transformation
An Amazon Review By CJ

Another great channeled book by Liane Rich that inspires personal transformation. Although entitled, For the Love
of Money, I experience it as an all over reframing of our relationship with everything, starting most importantly with
the inner self. Read it from beginning to end or just open any page for insights into uncovering obsolete belief
systems to reveal the light within us all. This book invites active remembering who I really am, the creator of my

Liane offers through this book and her book series, a collection of heartfelt guidance that inspires taking a deep
breath, sinking into my body, letting go, opening up to love- the free flowing energy not just the emotion- so that I
may receive over and over again the infinite possibilities that the Universe/God wants to provide.
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For the Love of Money
Creating Your Personal Reality
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