A new book that flows with the wisdom and love of the voice of God
An Amazon review by John Farrell, Ph.D

I always celebrate the release of a new book by Liane Rich, a new book that flows with the wisdom and love of the
voice of God, Who reaches out and speaks to me, personally, as if She or He knows me and is here, again, to lift me
to a higher place. This series of books, written by Liane, channeled by God, are a stairway to heaven, each step
elevating me to the pure joy of living.

"For the Love of Life on Earth" is an apt title for a book that explains so clearly why we are here on this Earth
adventure and how we can make the most of it, how we can shed our fear and embrace who we are, the eternal
energy of Light and Love. It is a book of hope, it clarifies our vision, it allows us to understand death differently so we
can live life more fully. It gives us the power to choose our role in life again, it empowers us to step out from the dark
and into the world of infinite possibilities. This book introduces us to Us, showing us that we belong together, in
harmony, as we are One.

I listened with pure pleasure to the voice of God in Liane's book. I understand now more completely that I chose to
come here voluntarily, to have this life on Earth, to experience my spirit in matter. I understand completely that I did not
come here to be miserable, and I have the capability of effortlessly, with great pleasure, flowing downstream in the
river of life, rather than fighting to swim against the current. In this book God taught me how to turn around and focus

I believe the words of God in Liane's books, and I am a scientific man, 43 years as a psychologist, as a clinician and a
teacher, at a university trauma center. But let me say this again: I believe the words of God as communicated by Liane.
I believe we live in a marvelous time when some lovely human beings with good intent can tap into Universal Truth.
Liane's books speak of the Truth, of that I am certain and grateful.

By John Farrell, PhD.,LCSW. - Psychologist, Clinical Social Worker, Senior Clinician Psychiatric Emergency Services,
U.C. Davis Medical Center, Sacramento
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For the Love of Life on Earth
by God, through Liane Rich