You once knew that you were God and in order to convince yourself you were not, you began to believe you had
limitations.  Now we are working our way back through these limitations in order to free you from them.  As you
release your belief in humanness and limitation, you will become
aware of another identity that was once you.  This
is Godness.  You chose to layer yourself with dense energy; because you were God and the only way to get God to
forget he is God is to force him down with dead weight, or dense energy.  

It's almost as though you, as God, drugged yourself to forget you are God to experience limitation.  You as God
experience nothing.  You simply are.  As human, you experience and even become the experience by taking it on as
your own. Now I am teaching you to let go of your experience as you, by letting it come to the forefront so you may
release it.  You might even think of yourself as simply an experience; an experiment in time and space.  You were
created in order to create and for no other reason.  God is and does out of being.  There is no big reason.  No
mystery, no pretense greater than the one you perpetrate on you.  You see; you are the God who went unconscious
in order to become experience and now you are returning from this experience in time.

It is not such a big deal really.  It is only because you do not wish to acknowledge your own knowledge that you
cannot or do not understand.  This too is your choice - to
experience not knowing when you are literally the
knowledge of all.  You know it and you are it - you are the universal consciousness and unconsciousness all at the
same time.  Quite a game you play with yourself isn't it?
See excerpt from Loving Light, Book 10
Loving Light Book 9, Forever God
by God, through Liane Rich
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