You are but a flash in the existence of time. You are a spark that flashes on and off. You vibrate, or oscillate back
and forth between here and God. You know, yet you deny. You see, yet you are blind. You are one giant being who
is projected through many tiny cells and now you believe you are only each individual cell because each individual
cell sees only from its own view point. So far there are billions and billions of cells but only one being of light. So,
who is the light? Is he the total being? How are you so sure you are not God if you are so sure you are here? How
do you know who and what you are and how do you come out of this coma you are in?

For now I must work with you from the standpoint of what your current beliefs are. It is only from where you are that I
can lead you out of this illusion. So, where are you and how did you get to this point? You came in on a beam of
light and you are that beam of light. You entered into a very dense area of space and time. Time does not really
exist, but in order to teach you I must deal within the bounds of your created limitations.

Now; when you began to enter this darkness you were affected by it. You changed from light to dark. You began to
take on this entire dark realm in order to enter. You decided to go into darkness to change darkness. We must now
get you to change back to the light, and all darkness will lighten also. You only need to remember in order to
complete your plan.

So, when you wake up enough of your own cells, you will enter the light of your own beingness, and oh, what a
beautiful day that will be for all of creation - bring you back to the light of your own beginning. Love is light. Light is
achieved through peace, and peace is achieved through acceptance. Do not waste your time planning for some big
blast. This is it right now. You enter your own consciousness and change your own viewpoint. The second coming is
just that simple and the change from dark to light is just that subtle. No big fireworks display, no big choir of angels
singing and weeping, just little ol’ you becoming little ol’ God.
See excerpt from Loving Light, Book 9
Loving Light Book 8, God's Imagination
by God, through Liane Rich
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