God does not punish. God is not a vengeful being and God wants only to clear up this mistaken impression of
myself. If you continue to preach and teach separateness I will begin to save you from your own self. This is how
much love I have for you. Jesus did not die on a cross for your sins. Jesus died simply to show you who you are and
how death does not exist.

If you allow this simple teaching to control your life you are making God out to be a bigot who only will forgive under
certain conditions. I am no bigot and I forgive all before they begin to sin, by allowing them free will. Why on earth
would a loving unconditional God create spirits, give them free will and then punish them for using that free will?

Begin to see what is happening here. Stop pretending to believe such nonsense about God. I love you all
unconditionally with no stipulations whatsoever. If you cannot deal with this simple fact then you are creating fear of
God. I do not wish to be presumptuous in my findings; however I do wish fear of God to cease to exist. Be careful
how you see me for I am the light of this world, I am not its executioner. If you believe in death and destruction by
God’s wrath you are mistaken. This is not the true God. God is love - not hate and anger.
See excerpt from Loving Light, Book 8
Loving Light Book 7, We All Go Together
by God, through Liane Rich
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