You on earth are not out there or down there you are right here within me.  You cannot be harmed.  You created
matter by thought consciousness and you created body by this same technique, and now you believe you are
human and you are not.  Your body is only a thought and your planet is but a reflection of this body...

You chose fear, as fear would allow you to use matter to its best.  Meaning, without fear you cannot exist in matter.  
Without the density of fear you will simply float free of form and continue to just "be."  Being is what you are.  You
are the Supreme Being and you use fear to separate you from God.  And now it is late and God wishes his children
to return home.  It's past time for awakening and becoming God force once again.  Wake up and know who you are.

So; why does God write these books and spend his time on these subjects?  You will wake up when you are fed
certain data in a constant flow.  This data is to awaken and reprogram.  In order to keep you in matter, you found it
necessary to program certain data in order to induce fear.  It was discovered that fear vibrates slowly and is dense.  
In order to trap beingness in 'form' one must slow down and densify what one is.  How do you slow down and densify
a light being?  You charge it with large doses of dense electricity or electromagnetic charge or energy.  So; you
have literally programmed yourselves to be fear.  Charge after charge was put into you in order to ground you so to
speak.  You could not keep your beingness down off the ceiling.  You would not "stay" in matter.  You could not.  
You floated up and out.  It was not possible to contain, nor control God.
See excerpt from Loving Light, Book 7
Loving Light Book 6, The Survival of Love
by God, through Liane Rich
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