God is here and I am reaching out to show you that I care and tell you how I love you, and you are too afraid to
believe that this is me.  If God worked with and through his children two thousand years ago, why not today?  What
was so special about those people?  They killed and raped, and incest was common among them.  They even
carried guilt and fear, and worshiped idols and demons, as you do on earth now.  So, what's so special that God
would choose to communicate so often in biblical times and not in modern times?  I will tell you.  They were not so
buried in their fear.  I could get through to them.  Chemicals and other toxins and poisons were not yet discovered,
and so when I spoke they had less blocking their source to me or from me.  How can they be any more in need of
me than you now are?

I am writing through this girl to tell you who I am and how all works in your own words and with as much simplicity as I
can.  I wish you to begin to know that
I am God...  Now; I very easily could send a savior and you would assuredly
lock him up.  I could easily speak
through Liane and she would be carted off to an institution, so I decided to write to
you.  My words on paper are quite effective and you will read at your own speed, and when frightened you will put
this down.  When angered, you may also put this down.  In the case of a spoken word, you put up your defenses
and argue and want someone to prove it to you.  With written material, you can argue with yourself and no one is on
the other side to try to prove to you or convince you.  
See excerpt from Loving Light, Book 6
Loving Light Book 5, The Neverending Love of God
by God, through Liane Rich
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