For those who do not believe in God I wish to explain how you too are God.  You are love.  Believe in love and the
value of love and you believe in God.  Believe in thought power and you believe in God.  Believe in energy and you
believe in God.  Believe in you and you believe in God.  
You cannot ‘not’ be God.  God is simply a word - a descriptive word to show who you are.  Change my name and
you change nothing.  I am still the source; the power unit; the energy; the original thought; the original energy that
began to move, and expand, and grow, and send out from the source to the outskirts of creation and back again, to
recharge and send out again in a pattern of eternal reaction and combustion, to grow and expand beyond myself
and on into life everlasting, and I do not require a title.  If you do not believe in God you will believe in whatever you
wish.  You will create something to believe in, as you must.  To believe in goodness or kindness is to believe in
God.  God is simply a name and names are easily changed.

Norman is Liane’s choice for me at times. See how this name takes away all your fears concerning who I am. If I were
to write these books to you and call myself Norman, you would express a different view of all that you have read
here. Now we have this odd guy by the name of Norman spouting off about love and such, and this guy is a little off
beat, but we think we like him. So now you take away my holiness and I am just one of you expressing thoughts, and
you see how I express, and you even begin to accept me as somewhat of a genius, and you may wish to get to know
me better.

Now; give me back the name God and everyone stands back and holds back opinions on what I write, and believes
that this all hinges on whether or not you accept this as the true word of God. And if you decide no, then you will run
away and not listen to any of this.
See excerpt from Loving Light, Book 5
Loving Light Book 4, The Sun and Beyond
by God, through Liane Rich
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