You are not meant to be in guilt or any other pain or discomfort. You are meant to be royalty. Every last one of you
is royalty. Each and every one of you is God. The black man - the red man - the white man - the yellow man, and
any other color or sex or combination of sexes that you discover on your planet earth are me! They are
all God.
Each of you is me projected to earth to show me who I am. You are all me and you fight one another and you are
fighting me, and you separate one another and it is me that you separate, and you kill one another and I am being
killed. Part of God is killing God and doesn’t even know it. God does not wish to die in self destruction any more than
you wish him to.
Please stop!!! This is my plea to you.

You say that you love me. I am God and you are killing yourselves and each other. Please stop this insanity. I wish
to live and I wish all that walk this earth to live and return home to their source.

All in God’s creation are equal in every way that is of importance to God. No man shall stand out. No man shall be
left behind. No man shall ‘not’ sit with God in heaven.

“All.” Absolutely all, each and every one will come home to me. No matter how small or large or dark or light or sinful
your eyes, they will return to my open arms and I will love and cherish and nourish their hopes back to a new bright
future; and we will begin anew with balance, peace and harmony.
See excerpt from Loving Light, Book 4
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by God, through Liane Rich
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