The truth has come to face you and you must accept the truth and give up the lie. The lie says you are not good
enough to be God. The lie says you are not God. The lie says you will become in the image and likeness of God,
but it does not allow for you to be the God as well as the image. So you see; religion is not all wrong. It just got a
little confused about the roles you are playing, just as you did.

This is not a good time to begin spouting off to the world that you have risen in human form and you know that you
are God. Save that for the day you are all able to accept it. For now, I would like you to accept the fact that you play
both roles. You are the creator and the created. You are life and you are death. You are intelligence and ignorance.
You are love and you are hate. You are fear and you are acceptance.

You will soon learn to be love at all times and this will come through acceptance and a strong will to nurture the light
that has begun to fade. You see; you were so good at denying the light in you that you almost extinguished it. Your
power is great indeed!

So, how did things get so out of hand that you almost totally denied your own heritage-- your own true identity?
Where did you get the idea to slip out of you to create more? Where does God reside in you and how do we keep
that part of you alive and well? You will answer these and other questions as you read this, our Eleventh Book in this
“Loving Light” series.
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Loving Light Book 11, Your Life as God
by God, through Liane Rich
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