When you begin to lower into a world as dense as this third dimension, you cannot help but be affected by this
density. You are here to assist in lightening this situation and you are here to rise above it. You are not meant to
suffer and you are not meant to judge. You did not come here to become part of it so much as you came here to
visit - to travel through. There are many yet unexplored areas of this and other universes, but I do not expect you to
rush in and change them all.

You are here on a mission. Your soul came for a purpose and if you will just get out of the way long enough to allow
spirit to take over, you will begin to know why you are here. You did not decide to come just to make a lot of money
to leave to others, and you did not decide to come to win at your profession, and you did not decide to come to have
a big family. These are situations that are decided upon as you go, but they are not your purpose for being here.

Believe it or not you all have the same purpose. That purpose is to bring forth light. How can you bring forth light if
you have not found your light switch? Begin to discover how you work. Begin to open to your own truth. Your center
is light. You must reach into you to find your center.
See excerpt from Loving Light, Book 11
Loving Light Book 10, See the Light
by God, through Liane Rich
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