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You are Part of God…

You are a Spiritual Being and you are within the human experience! You are
living and loving and judging everything that occurs from your human

This is due to the fact that you cannot become Spirit until you begin to "desire"
to be Spirit. Most of you purposely came to earth in an effort to experience the
duality and ...  
God is Entering matter...

You are not matter as you believe. You are light energy and you are
performing in a manner that is quite unique. You actually vibrate or oscillate
between matter and energy. You are here and then you are gone. It is like
a star that appears to flicker on and off. If you could see yourself from
space you would see how you flicker or oscillate back and forth between
the world of matter and the source of "all" which is...  
This Page contains writings by God through Liane...
Reconnect with Your Spirit…

You are now at a stage in your evolution that is considered drastic! Some
of you are making drastic moves in an effort to hold on to the old ways.
This will not work. Let go of the old and embrace the new. Life is moving in
a whole new direction and this new direction will eventually lead to...  
Spirit is Beginning to Move and Expand "in" you…

This is the expansion of matter as it takes on Spirit. Spirit is limitless and
Spirit is beginning to take on or move into matter. You are being taken
over by your Spirit. You have walked this earth and lived as humans
since the beginning. Now you are going to walk this earth as Spiritual
Beings and you will...  
The Butterfly Story...

You do not necessarily know who or what you are evolving into but you
will eventually see. It is like a butterfly who is being born. The caterpillar
may be very upset about the loss of all those legs but a butterfly simply
does not require...  
Love your Body for it Houses your Spirit!

You are all beginning to judge your bodies’ right out of existence.
You hold your bodies up to ridicule and judgment and then you
wonder why they fall apart and no longer serve you. Would you do
your best to serve a master who judges and ridicules and often
hates you? No, I don't believe you would...  
Look for the Good in Absolutely Everything…

When you can learn to not "react" you are disconnecting from the game of
manipulation and control. Fearful people have a great need to control
others in order to feel safe. Much pain is caused on earth at this time due
to a huge amount of pain energy that circles this planet...  
I've been wondering about the energy that's affecting the Earth
right now, so I asked God what's going on. The following is the
message I received...

When "Light" Energy Enters this Dimension...

Here is a lesson in energy: Light is energy that vibrates at a
very high velocity. Darkness is an energy that vibrates much

Now - if you send “Light” energy into a very dark space, it will
lighten the space or situation. This is done by the Light energy
breaking up the density of the darker, denser energy in much
the same way that...