When you raise yourself to the level where the highest vibration realities exist you are going into a parallel reality; a
reality that is already alive! The goal is to enter it and stay in it. All parallel realities are here and now and they exist
just as your current reality exists.

This is the time to move in the direction of waking up to the fact that, due to your divine creative nature, you have the
ability to turn around and move in a whole new direction. This new direction requires a shift in energy. You are capable
of shifting and moving energy. The energy that makes you up is constantly moving and changing. We are now going to
focus on points of energy that we will then be attracted or drawn toward. In the same way that you might focus on a
point of destination you can focus on a point of energy within an energy wave.

You might think of these waves as levels or as parallel waves one above the other. Your goal is to attract or
yourself into
one of the higher vibrational waves of energy. This allows you to surf or flow on a higher frequency
vibration, which in turn allows you to feel
lighter and happier. The goal here is to move you from the denser energies
to the much lighter energies which were listed at the front of this book. So, if you wish to enter the lighter energies and
become attracted to them instead of lower energies, where you now reside, you may begin by focusing on those
higher energies. This will literally
draw you towards those higher energies that you are focusing on.

The reason these energies are called higher is simply because they vibrate at a much higher frequency. If you
continue to vibrate at a very low frequency you can sometimes stop vibrating altogether as you may lose momentum.
With the higher/lighter frequencies you tend to
continue on forever!
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Your Individual Divinity
Existing in Parallel Realities
by God, through Liane Rich
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