Everything is ready! Everything has been prepared for this moment in creation, when God literally takes “on” matter
and raises matter to the vibration of light. The light that is God is injecting itself into the material plane at this time, and
assisting God-man in his rise up out of the denser energies. God on high (or God the field of potentiality) is literally
assisting God-man who is stuck in matter. Soon you will feel the assistance of your soul. Your own spirit is taking over
and guiding you. Your own spirit or soul is being assisted by God. God is in you and God is in absolutely everything
that exists.

This is a great event and God is moving you in ways you have never before been moved. Why? Because you are
crying and, in some cases, screaming for help. You are stuck in your own creation, and so God is assisting your soul
in an effort to unstick you. Communicate with your soul. Work with spirit not against spirit. See yourself as a spirit/soul
that is love and light. This will allow you to see the light and the beauty in you.

Once you see the light and the beauty in you, you will begin to appreciate you and love you, just as you are. You will
see you as good and bright and wonderful just as God does; no judgments and no criticism. God sees you just as you
are and accepts you just as you are. You do not require an attitude adjustment so much as you require a vision
adjustment. You do not see you clearly, as you are looking at you through your own distorted vision, and once you
allow your distortions to leave, you will be seeing clearly.

So; new clean, clear vision is all that is required to get you to love and appreciate you - all of you. So, how do we get
you there? We let go of judgment and we allow ourselves to forgive ourselves, and this will allow us to love us once
again. Love is key here! Love is the answer and that is why I have written this book.

“The Book of Love” is not about romantic love and intimate relationships with others. “The Book of Love” is about
loving you enough to get you to have an intimate relationship with yourself. The greatest relationship you will ever
have is the one you have with your own God-self. Don’t you want to get started with this wonderful possibility right
away? Don’t you want to know what it is like to communicate with your soul on a very personal level, any time you
want? Don’t you want to know what it feels like to truly love and unconditionally accept who you are?

I highly suggest you begin to know you, for in knowing you, you will discover God!
The Book of Love
by God, through Liane Rich
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