For the Love of Money
Creating Your Personal Reality
by God, through Liane Rich
This will be a book educating you on the energy of money, and your own value and love of self as it affects the
amount of money that you allow into your life.

I want you to get to a place where you enjoy the flow of money and this will entail you seeing money differently.
You will begin to see money as a gift and a pleasure in the same way that you see a flower or a tree as a gift and
a pleasure. I want you to shift your perspective about money and begin to nurture it as you would nurture a plant
or a collection of fine paintings, or a special gift or talent. Nurture and love money! Love is unconditional
acceptance and I wish you to come to a place of unconditional acceptance with money. No longer will you
disrespect it, disregard it or misplace it. You will begin to trade it wisely simply because it is valuable to you.

Right now you do not value your money. You curse not having enough of it and you sometimes hide what you do
have. I want you to shift from hiding to valuing. Hiding your money is a way to keep it safe. Valuing your money is
a way of making it grow. Whatever you value in your life you have respect for. If you value a painting or a prized
plant you watch it, admire it, enjoy it and you love it. It has a place of value in your life and you do not squander it
needlessly. You may exchange it for other valuable items or you may hold it in your possession just to enjoy
having it.
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