I recently saw an interview with songwriter/singer John Mellencamp. During this interview he was asked how he could
write so many songs. He said, “Well, you have to be available.” When the interviewer asked what he meant by “be
available,” Mellencamp replied, “When it comes through - you have to let it.” He went on to say that he has written
songs before and when finished he just looks up (he looked up to the ceiling in the interview) and says, “Thank you!”

The interviewer asked how many songs he wrote that way and he shook his head and said, “Oh - many, many songs.”

This is how I feel about channeling these books. I have written many books by simply “being available.”

This book was a little different.
At first God tried to get me out of bed early one morning by saying, “I want to
write now,” and I just rolled over, pulled the cover over my head, smiled and said, “No you don’t!”

I really did think he was just kidding, because I felt like I had just finished publishing our last book
Individual Divinity - Existing in Parallel Realities.
I felt like I needed more time off.

Later that day, I sat down to ask God a question. That’s when God took over and started his new book. The
question I asked had to do with near-death experiences. In the past several months I had been drawn to
books relating to NDEs, and I found it interesting that each individual seems to experience the After Life
a filter of their own background or beliefs. The following is the answer I received to my question regarding
this. I always begin my writings with, “God - are you light?”

Liane: God - are you light?

God: Yes.

Liane: I don’t understand the NDE? Why are they so different?

God: Each individual sees what they are meant to see for their own well-being. It is as though the floodgates of their
consciousness “open” and they begin to see what is laying dormant in their consciousness.

They do not see what they “wish” to see so much as they see what is stored “in” them.

Liane: So they haven’t really died and gone somewhere?

God: No! There is nowhere to go. You do not leave your body and go out into the ethers when you die. You do go
“within,” which is where absolutely everything exists. Consciousness is an inside job. You live in your consciousness
and it is made up of all that you are and all that you have ever been and all that you will be. Your consciousness does
not leave you and “all” dimensions are “within” you. You are a multi-dimensional being and you “exist” on many
dimensions at one time.

All time is simultaneous and is occurring right now this moment. When the brain dies, it “allows” your consciousness to
come forward and open up to greater possibilities. This is due to the fact that you live in a limited human body with a
limited human brain. When you are what you call dead, your brain is relaxed and no longer sending the signals that
keep all the gates closed to new possibilities. The gates are released and everything is set free including

Most people like to confine consciousness and control consciousness to some degree. In death your consciousness is
actually set free and you become more “real” than your earthly consciousness. You become more aware and more
expanded. A child’s “view” or “perception” of reality is made up of all that the child has been exposed to thus far. This
includes exposure while in the womb. An adult has a greater awareness of how to operate and manipulate this material
plane by his or her length of experience here and how aware he or she may have been.

When any adult dies or leaves his or her body, they do so in an effort to continue on. The soul does not go out into
the ethers somewhere. The soul turns “within” to its source. It begins to move in an inward direction within the nucleus
of its own self. Think of each individual as a cell within the body of God. In the same way that the cells within your body
die off or grow, you will die off or grow within the body of God. If you decide to go another round you will multiply and
create more cells. You call these cells your offspring.

So, as you die you actually dissolve into the body of God that you exist in. You are not separate from the main body of
God and you do not leave the main body… Not ever!

(The writing stops)
Liane: God, are you finished?

God: Yes!

(But I wanted more…)
Liane: God, tell me more please…

God: You will begin to understand the workings of human consciousness by looking at how you create. You are a
creative being and you are creating right now this instant. You send out signals and energy that literally affects what
you see and how you see it. You use your personal interpretation of something to “allow” that something to become
what you wish it to be. In the same way that you project your thoughts out to form an opinion, you also project your
energy into your thoughts to create the type of world you live in.

Now, since we all know how we are creative beings who are part of a divine creative force, it is no surprise that we
would continue on and never really ever end. You are from God and you are made up of God energy. Since no energy
is ever separate, you are never separate from God.

If you decide to die, you simply “change” your energy. Since you are in a human body, made partly of mass, you would
tend to remove your consciousness from that body and look around you. Your consciousness is aware on certain
levels of much more than your puny little mind and your limited thoughts.

I don’t want to upset you, but you are quite limited in your human form. You are dumbed-down from all that you truly
are, in order to play this game that we will call “life on earth.”

So, since you are dumbed-down you will find it quite extraordinary to know that you are actually a divine creative force.
You project out the world that you see and you even change the world that you see by how you judge it or name it.
You continue to be a divine creative force when you die. This is due to the fact that you never really die or, better said,
you never ever end.

So, if the divine creator in you continues on, don’t you think that you create your own life after life? Don’t you think that
you would continue to project out image after image from all the creative energy that is stored in your consciousness?
Think about it! You are everything and you contain everything! You are a piece of God! You are a cell within the body
of God! Do you think it is so difficult for you to project a beautiful scene when your brain shuts off? Your brain limits
you in many ways. Why would you want to “believe” that when your brain is gone, you are gone?

So, as you can see we have a great deal to discuss in this new book in our Loving Light Books. Let’s get to it…

(I still didn't feel like my body was ready to channel a new book and so God said to me)

God: You are ready. We* are ready. Get out of our way and let us do our work.

Liane: I’ll do my best ♥. Do you have a title picked out?

God: Yes - it is, "For the Love of Life on Earth."

* It’s explained in the first book that these books are being written for you by God and all of our souls.
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