This Book is an in-depth introduction to the voice of God that speaks to me and channels books through me. It also
appears as the introduction in “The Book of Love.” This   
Introduction to God is being made available (in this separate
publication) specifically for those who are new to God's books and wondering if this information is for them.

You all have creative force running through you, and this creative force is God force. God is energy. This energy that
is God takes up all space and all time. You are not outside of this energy and you are definitely not separate from this
energy. You react with it and you live
in it. You live in God and you react with God every minute of every day.

To realize the extent to which you are connected to God, you must first see how it is impossible for you to be separate
or away from God. God is
in you and God is outside of you. God is in the air that you breathe and the sky that you
see. God is in nature and God is in water and God is in plants and everything you eat and drink. God is the energy
that holds the particles together. God is the glue that holds the world together. God is the string of energy that
connects absolutely everything.
Everything is God!
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For the Love of God
An Introduction to God
by God, through Liane Rich